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Acta Tabacaria Sinica  2020, Vol. 26 Issue (4): 7-17    DOI: 10.16472/j.chinatobacco.2019.T0007
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Analysis of hot topics and research trends in domestic and foreign patents related to cigars
WANG Jinbang1, QIU Jiqing1, ZHENG Lu1, WANG Zhibo1, HONG Qunye1, ZHANG Shihua1, ZHENG Xuecong2, LI Mei2, LIU Yali1
1 Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou 450001, China;
2 Henan Xinqiao Tobacco Technology Service Co., Zhengzhou 450001, China
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Abstract [Purpose] This study aims to investigate the status quo and forecast the development trends of cigars. [Methods] In this paper, a total of 657 patents related to cigars published by State Intellectual Property Office and Derwent Innovation from 2009 to 2018 were statistically analyzed. [Results] 1) The geographical concentration of cigar patents is relatively high, mainly distributed in the United States and mainland China, followed by European Union and France, which is more consistent with the current market distribution of cigars. The great majority of cigar patents were applied by the foreign individuals, the other foreign units (relative to tobacco enterprises) and the domestic tobacco industries. Among them, BLUNT WRAP, U.S.A., INC possessed the largest number of application, followed by China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Limited Corporation, China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Limited Corporation, China Tobacco Chongqing Industrial Limited Corporation, et al. 2) The cigar patents are mainly concentrated in the A24F (smokers' requisites, such as accessory) subclass, followed by B65D (containers for storage or transport of cigars), A24C (machines for making cigars), A24B (manufacture or preparation of cigars) and A24D (structure design for cigars)for invention and utility model patents. For industrial design patents, 27- 06 subclass is the most. In the specific technical field, the patent layout was mostly focused on accessories and industrial design related to cigars. 3) Compared with the foreign applicants, the domestic (including the domestic tobacco industries) have the lower number patents about industrial design. [Conclusion] Considering both the regional characteristics of patent protection and the relatively lower application rate of patents in China for the foreign applicants, The domestic tobacco industries should pay more attention to tracking and researching the overseas patents and actively carrying out overseas patent layout strategies for cigars.
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WANG Jinbang
QIU Jiqing
WANG Zhibo
HONG Qunye
ZHANG Shihua
ZHENG Xuecong
LI Mei
LIU Yali
Key words:  cigar  cigar accessory  research focus  patent analysis    
Received:  2019-10-29      Published::  2020-09-18
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WANG Jinbang, QIU Jiqing, ZHENG Lu, WANG Zhibo, HONG Qunye, ZHANG Shihua, ZHENG Xuecong, LI Mei, LIU Yali. Analysis of hot topics and research trends in domestic and foreign patents related to cigars[J]. Acta Tabacaria Sinica, 2020, 26(4): 7-17.
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