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Acta Tabacaria Sinica  2020, Vol. 26 Issue (3): 66-73    DOI: 10.16472/j.chinatobacco.2019.387
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Study on quality and curing characteristics of CB-1 fresh leaves
XIAN Liguo1,2, HUANG Yilan3, WANG Songfeng1, ZHANG Ying3, ZHANG Ye4, LIN Zhihui3, LIU Hui1,2, XU Xixiang3, LIN Shuiliang3, SUN Shuaishuai5, SUN Fushan1
1 Tobacco Research Institute of CAAS, Key Laboratory of Tobacco Biology and Processing, Ministry of Agriculture, Qingdao 266101, China;
2 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Beijing 100081, China;
3 Sanming Tobacco Company of Fujian Province, Sanming, Fujian 365000, China;
4 Technical center of Fujian Zhongyan Industry Co., Ltd, Xiamen, Fujian 361021, China;
5 China Tobacco Shandong industrial Co., Ltd, Jinan 250014, China
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Abstract In order to further explore the reason why characteristic tobacco variety CB-1 is difficult to be cured, this study investigates the differences in the SPAD, pigment, moisture, chemical composition, enzyme activity, organization structure and polyphenols between CB-1 and Yunyan 87 in mature fresh tobacco leaves as well as the color changing characteristics of leaves in the black-box. The results showed that there were significant differences in the quality and curing characteristics of mature fresh tobacco leaves of CB-1 and Yunyan 87. Compared with Yunyan87 mature fresh leaves, the average SPAD value of CB-1 mature fresh tobacco leaves was higher by 2.32, the chlorophyll and carotenoid contents were higher by 15.63% and 55.56%, respectively, the leaf bound moisture, total sugar and reducing sugar contents were higher, the activities of POD, PPO, SOD, amylase were higher, the thickness and palisade tissue of middle leaves were thicker by 3.07 μm, 8.60 μm, respectively, and the chlorogenic acid content was higher. CB-1 fresh leaves showed slower natural yellowing speed but faster browning speed. In fact, the leaves began to turn brown before turning almost completely yellow, indicating poor curability and curing resistance. This study provides a reference for regulating temperature and humidity, promoting yellowing and water loss coordination, reducing green-yellow, variegated and slick tobacco leaves of CB-1 flue curing.
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XIAN Liguo
WANG Songfeng
LIN Zhihui
XU Xixiang
LIN Shuiliang
SUN Shuaishuai
SUN Fushan
Key words:  flue-cured tobacco  CB-1  fresh leaves quality  curing characteristics    
Received:  2019-11-25      Published::  2020-07-09
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XIAN Liguo, HUANG Yilan, WANG Songfeng, ZHANG Ying, ZHANG Ye, LIN Zhihui, LIU Hui, XU Xixiang, LIN Shuiliang, SUN Shuaishuai, SUN Fushan. Study on quality and curing characteristics of CB-1 fresh leaves[J]. Acta Tabacaria Sinica, 2020, 26(3): 66-73.
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