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Acta Tabacaria Sinica  2020, Vol. 26 Issue (1): 52-57,99    DOI: 10.16472/j.chinatobacco.2019.191
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Reconstruction of input and output system of high-rack warehouse for finished cigarettes based on paper-sliding tray
GUO Tianwen, LIN Yu, CAO Qi
Longyan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., Longyan 364021, Fujian, China
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Abstract [Objective] To overcome the low loading efficiency, inconsistent pallet standards and high recycling cost in the whole cigarettes pallet transportation process.[Methods] The paper-sliding tray placed on a wooden or plastic tray was used in input and output system of high-rack warehouse for finished cigarettes. At the same time, through the new scaning barcode and stacking sub-system, and transformation of factory scanning barcode system for cigarette sales, a new set of elevated storage system of cigarette products is constructed based on paper sliding trays.[Results] Compared with the traditional whole pallet transport mode, the paper-sliding traysbased loading and unloading system reduced the loading labor and the unloading time by 60% and 25%, while increased the loading rate and single-tray bar code reporting rate by 40% and 90% respectively. The recycling cost was reduced by more than 77%, the damage rate of cigarettes was reduced by 96%, the single-box transportation cost was reduced by 37%, the tray storage area was reduced by 99%, and the storage capacity was 120 pallets/h, which can meet the production and delivery requirements.[Conclusion] High-rack warehouse of finished cigarettes based on paper-sliding tray can improve efficiency of industrial and commercial transportation.
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GUO Tianwen
Key words:  tobacco logistics  finished cigarette  paper-sliding tray  RFID  high-rack warehouse  barcode    
Received:  2019-06-13      Published::  2020-03-13
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GUO Tianwen, LIN Yu, CAO Qi. Reconstruction of input and output system of high-rack warehouse for finished cigarettes based on paper-sliding tray[J]. Acta Tabacaria Sinica, 2020, 26(1): 52-57,99.
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