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Acta Tabacaria Sinica  2020, Vol. 26 Issue (1): 118-128    DOI: 10.16472/j.chinatobacco.2019.170
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Analysis of patent technology relevant to cigarette capsules in China
CHEN Wan, XU Shitao, ZHANG Qiang, GAO Zerui, CHANG Jian, WANG Kuaping, JIANG Zhuofang, LIU Jinyun
Ministry of Technology, Yunnan Industrial Tobacco Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd., Yunnan 650106, China
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Abstract [Objective] To summarize technical characteristics and development of the cigarette brittle capsule.[Methods] China's patent application status on cigarette brittle capsule is analyzed using qualitative & quantitative analysis, comparative analysis approach and literature metrology. According to analysis of the patent application trend, the principal applicant, the distribution of patent technology and research focus, the trends and domestic patent layout on cigarette brittle capsule were acquired.[Results] ① A total of 544 patents related to cigarettes with brittle capsules were published by national intellectual property anministrarion from 1986 to 2018. There has been an explosive growth in patent applications and the number of applicants since 2013. ② Cigarette manufacturing enterprises and accessories enterprises are the main domestic applicants. Transnational corporations are the mainly foreign applicants, of which the patent applications have taken shape. ③ Technical development in various branches remained out of balance. Application of cigarette brittle capsule was a hot spot in patent application. The patent applications are more concentrated in cigarette brittle capsule forming process. Equipment under patent application mainly include drop system, drying equipment and brittle capsules feeding device in filter rod shaping machine. ④ Techniques under patent application are mainly about improving processing resistance, weather resistance, stability, preventing spice loss, controlled release. ⑤ The demand-side patent application coverage is relatively narrow, the patent application on product application accounts for a large proportion, and the number of patent applications on analysis and testing technology is relatively small.
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XU Shitao
GAO Zerui
WANG Kuaping
JIANG Zhuofang
LIU Jinyun
Key words:  domestic  cigarette capsule  cigarette with capsule  patent  technical analysis    
Received:  2019-06-04      Published::  2020-03-13
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CHEN Wan, XU Shitao, ZHANG Qiang, GAO Zerui, CHANG Jian, WANG Kuaping, JIANG Zhuofang, LIU Jinyun. Analysis of patent technology relevant to cigarette capsules in China[J]. Acta Tabacaria Sinica, 2020, 26(1): 118-128.
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